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A fan memento for akin

Dedicated fans of Akin Akinozu’s from all over the world joined together to send him messages of appreciation and hard work for his years of dedication and hard work portraying Miran Aslanbey in Hercai. These messages compiled in a video and e-book format can be viewed below.

The popular Turkish actor completed his work in the successful three season family-romance epic series whose final episode aired on April 25th. Hercai’s Episode 69 was the final chapter in the Aslanbey-Sadoglu era that riveted audiences from around the globe for two years. The first episode of the series posted on YouTube March of 2019 has garnered more than 32 million views putting it in the ranks of most watched videos on the streaming platform.

The popular series has been sold to more than 100 countries, the most recent acquisition by US Spanish language channel Telemundo TV.

17 thoughts on “A fan memento for akin”

  1. Akin Eres super talentoso, respectuoso, amable , entregado en tus actuaciones, te desee muchos éxitos y ojalá volver a ver otra serie igual que Hercai, junto a Ebru, Siempre estarán en mi corazón, la mejor serie que he visto., esperos sus corazones se unan como uno solo. Gracias por permitirnos haber conocido esa gran serie.

  2. Exceptional actor , with his phenomenal acting made Hercai a very successful series , i watched the series because of him , wish him continuous success and the brightest future .

  3. Beautiful story! Magnificent music! Beautiful city of Mardin Best actor of Turkey! and Miran Always in our hearts forever! We are going to miss you! Thanks you for this wonderful story!

    1. Akin outstanding marvelous acting and dedication, thank you for putting all your talent
      And hard work on developing Miran – YOUR 🎭 acting it’s so powerful that I enjoyed watching Hercai in Turkish and understanding must of the trama. Your acting has done so much to put Turkey 🇹🇷 in the international arena when it comes to drama and acting. I hope to see you filming and acting in Turkish and English very soon. Congratulations and thank you for giving us your marvelous acting.

  4. this is truly a series to remember for a long time…beautiful actors with so much talent and the writers are the best….never missed an episode…very dedicated to the emotions of the storyline were all of the actors…special actors for me beside akin and ebru were the actors played by nashu and grandma…loved their story line and all the other heartfelt actors that did such a great job…i will remember this great series forever and appreciate all of the translating into english that afforded my viewing….hugs and love to all…..THANKS

  5. Great story,splendid music and landscapes,professional actors.I watched IT three Times,stilul watching some video of my favorite scenes.Akin and Ebru have a great chemistry,their love story became a love symbol.I cred, suffered,enjoyed with them,all types of Deep emotions and feelings are displayed in a splendid,unforgettable way.Akin îs a gorgeous actor,who îs gifted,hard working,dedicated to his job,modest and serious.Miran îs a man I cannot forget,he îs so complex,so tender hearted and protective,a loving petson who loves mistice and Reyyan.I miss them a lot and I thank them for all efforts and work,the series will stay in my heart for ever!

  6. Miran loves justice and the truth,he cannot stand lies and secrets,his revenge will lead Him to his greatest love for whom he will continuously fight.He likes to have a big family,to share his feelings with them and with Best friends.He saves Reyyan’s life many Times and loves her endlessly,in spițe of all events,mistakes She makes,hard situations.Miran îs a Prince every woman îs waiting for and who She can. Rely on.

  7. Tireless worker, educated, affectionate, prudent, kind, grateful, supportive, elegant. Unique and Special, beautiful and masterful actor and with a very big heart, for all this and for much more: thank you very much from the heart. A great Lord. We love you

  8. I had the opportunity to watch the most beautiful story between Miran and Reyyan. Thank you Akin for brightening my life with just your smile, you are the best actor for me.
    There are no words to say how I feel when I look at you.
    You are awesome!
    I wish you with all my heart to have such a love as that of Miran & Reyyan!

  9. I dont know how to begin the feeling who Hercai left me. The love between Miran and Reyyan thought me can be reach and if is love nobody and stand betwen them. The talent of Akin and Ebru had mad me fell i am in their story, the love and forgivness that Reyyan can have for the loves one is inimaginable. I cant imagine how they can handle the emotion so well. I really fell they live the story. It’s like they really are Miran and Reyyan, and not Akin and Ebru. Their magic, their atraction abd their chimia are ireal. It’s the only turkish series who capturead my atention in just a few seconds from a videoclip. They make me dream to a love like this and a man who stand for his love even if means he had to fight with an entire world. I bow to them.

  10. Congratulations! Great job, amazing e-book, beautiful music!
    This book has an extraordinary emotional charge, springing from everything that Akin Akinozu, triggered with this role, in the souls of those who watched the Hercai series!
    I don’t know, ever, an unknown actor outside his country, would have triggered such a wave of admiration, of love, of such sincere words, in such a short time and in so many countries, due to a single role, since the beginning of the series!!! I don’t know!
    And this book, is like a confirmation that, what Akin did in this role was unique for every fan, unforgettable!!!
    Wherever in the world are, all those who wrote these comments, felt the same, in unison, lived with him the whole story, appreciated his naturalness and dedication and put him with love, admiration and respect, in their hearts, forever!!!
    Now, it is for us “my dear Miran”!💖
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart Akin, thank you from bottom of my heart Miran, because you have existed and taught us so much about love, about hope, about familly, about friendship and especially, about how beautiful a woman can be loved, with tenderness, with warmth, with attention for all her dreams, with patience, respect and protection!💖💖💖💖
    Thank you to all those who gave us this wonderful and unique gift!❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Maria Soledad Regalado

    Preciosa e inigualable historia, donde pudimos ver que el verdadero amor destruye toda obra de venganza, realmente fueros grandes los dos y no podremos olvidarlos,. Pero Akin tienes un espíritu hermoso y lo manifiestas inevitablemente cuando actúas, sale esa bondad que tienes e inteligencia, sigue siempre sin mirar atrás,. Eres magnifico

  12. Akin Akinosu!! Gracias por tu talento.tu maravillosa actuación.fue increíble
    La historia de amor y venganza
    Más bella que e visto
    Felicidades realmente eres un gran actor con un futuro brillante

  13. Akin, excelente actor… con tu Miran movilizaste nuestros corazones. Angustia, gritos, personalidad, carácter y también sensualidad, simpleza y amor nos conquistaste a través de la pantalla, convietiéndote en nuestro. Fuera de la serie, sabemos que sos también una persona de calidad. Gracias por tanto, por lo vivido con hercai y por regalarnos un poco de esa magia!!

    Ale.- Argentina 🇦🇷


  15. He visto tres novelas, en mi vida sin contar Hercai. De todas esta, es la mas humana. La historia es tan comun en los latinos. Siempre hay alguien con envidia, hodio, remordimiento. En esta historia, solo se ve la real verdad, la fuerza de un hombre luchar por el amor de su vida, sin importar las consequencias. Cuantas Reyyan hay en el mundo, y cuantos Miran. Te felicito Sr. Akin Akinozu por ensenar al mundo, el verdadero galan, que tantas mujeres desean. El hombre honesto, respetuoso, humilde y vondadoso. Quisas hay hombres, mirando tu ejemplo. Usted es unico, que de verdad mostro al mundo un amor, puro, honesto, y como deve ser. Eres un verdadero galan, lo sentiste y lo mostraste para todos aquellos que quieren de verdad. Dios te culme de dicha y felicidad ojala tu historia cambie de por vida, la forma de tratar a una mujer como deve ser. Los hombres deven mirar su ejemplo, la violencia solo separa no uneva nadie, y el violador Solo recivira soledad y remordimiento. Esta novela esta rompiendo todos los ratings, records porqué hay muchas personas iguales a estos personajes, y entre latinos la historia se repite por decadas. Usted nos representa, y hojala esta novela cambie para siempre, la venganza entre familias, por amores de verdad, que ensene que contra dos personas que se aman. Nada, ni nadie los detendra. Mil gracias a usted por ser la puerta a como se vive un amor, y venganza. Felicidades y le deseo una vida de mucha dicha y felicidad. Amen

  16. Akin is an amazing intriguing artist which have capture all of his fans hearts internationally with his incredibly captivating realistic acting. I consider him the king of drama because I haven’t seen anybody ever play drama better than him and because he puts so much explosive energy in all his emotional acting (he doesn’t leave a dry eye in the house). Akin besides being a high profile person is very humble, a people person, is very open minded, treats everyone equally, is very attentive and loving with his fans, also very educated. Again and I never get tire of saying it, he is a realistic and beautiful person inside and out. That’s why he is highly love by his fans❣️👍👑💫🥇💖✨🥰👏
    🇵🇷 PR 🇺🇸USA

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