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Akın Akınozu Talks about his role of Cemal in Kaderimin Oyunu

Akın Akınözü said that the main reasons for his participation in The Game of Destiny are the script, producer, director and cast; “If I am the lawyer of my character as an actor; I can say that Cemal’s case is the most difficult case I have ever taken, but the case I am most willing to understand and win.” Talking about the preliminary preparation process of the project, Akın Akınözü said; “We continued to work with my beloved Beyti Engin, who had the opportunity to work on my previous project and who helped me to look at the character from many different perspectives with her ideas,” he said. The successful actor, who briefly described the character of ‘Cemal’ as passionate, competitive and somewhat insecure, said the following about the concept of ‘destiny’; “Our life scenario, which tries to teach us all the lessons we need to learn in order to fill the void inside us, brings these lessons to us over and over again with different games until we learn them, leaves us free in our choices but holds us responsible for the consequences, and we become liberated when we understand it,” #KaderiminOyunu is on Star with its first episode on Friday, December 3rd at 8 pm Turkey time.

Source: StarTV and Kaderiminoyunu TV on IG

Akin Akinozu as Cemal

4 thoughts on “Akın Akınozu Talks about his role of Cemal in Kaderimin Oyunu”

  1. I can’t wait to see his new series , .Akin is special talented attractive actor , with special charisma, I wish him best of luck and a bright future in his career .

  2. Evelyn Aponte-Santoro

    He is a wonderful actor. It is quite clear that he enjoys his profession and takes it very seriously. I hope that this series is translated into Spanish so that it can be viewed in the USA on the TV screen.

  3. Akin akinozu is a wonderful actor, he is passionate, competitive And successful , I started watching his series kadirimin oyunu on utube and it’s so attractive beside I watched his series hercai and it was unbelievable and I liked it a lot.
    I would love to text him directly and congratulate him on all his works, he is awesome and I wish him the best always in his career and his life 🙏😘

  4. Akin is a great actor honestly I never liked watching other languages tv shows but In English. His acting is so good that I watched all of his stuff and honestly he deserves an Oscar. People hating on his character cemal, when the series just started. It’s probably because it’s not hercai and reyhan but people need to realize that he’s an ACTOR. Okay he’s gonna play with other actresses and okyu and him are great the chemistry is so good.

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