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Akin Akinozu: The Consummate Method Actor

What do Christian Bale, Charlize Theron and Daniel Day Lewis have in common with Akin Akinozu? They all adhere to the teachings of the architect of “Method Acting”, Konstantin Stanislavski.

Lebanese director Fady Dagher was so impressed by the Turkish TV series Hercai that he posted several Instagram posts on his IG page discussing the series and the various elements that made it a “magnet” attracting the audience to Miran and Reyyan’s world from the first scenes. After having been asked by one of his followers about Akin Akinozu’s performance in the series, Dagher posted a separate video explaining the actor’s approach.

According to Dagher who is also a presenter for the Saudi entertainment channel Bedaya TV, Akinozu is the consummate method actor in the best tradition of the father of technique, Konstantin Stanislavski. In a nine minute video Dagher explains Stanislavski’s method and compares Akinozu’s acting style against the various elements of the technique.

We took the liberty of translating the video from Arabic to English and included various video clips about the method as well as Akinozu’s performances in the series. In the video you will hear Dagher’s detailed explanation of the Stanislavski technique and his deep appreciation of the Turkish actor’s innate talent.

We are grateful for @akn-Akn6 on IG for bringing Fady Dagher and his videos to our attention.

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