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Akin Akinozu: Understanding Cemal

Akınözü, the star of The Game of My Destiny: “I don’t agree with Cemal, but I’m trying to understand him”

The following is a translation of an interview Akin did with Star TV, the channel where Kaderimin Oyunu can be viewed Friday nights at 8 PM Turkey time. The original article, in Turkish, can be found here.

We see you in different projects and roles, what impressed you in the Game of My Destiny? 

Among the projects I have read, Cemal’s character has been the character that challenged me the most emotionally to understand and explain. Thanks to the strength I got from my producer, director and teammates, I was able to take a step on this dangerous but very valuable journey for me.   

Can you tell us about Cemal from your own perspective? 

Cemal is a man who finds love early but has to realize its value late at a heavy price.    

Do you agree with Cemal? What would you do if you were in a situation like him? 

I don’t agree with Cemal, but I’m trying to understand him. The question of what I would do if I was in the same situation is the reason why I accepted this project. 

Even though I don’t have a child, I can’t even bear the thought of leaving my dog, whom I adopted at the age of 2 months and looked after for 4 years. But Cemal is not an only child like Akin, raised by a complete family, Cemal is an orphaned child. I hope I can teach Cemal what my family and current relationship have taught me, what real value is and what to fight for.   

The series is very popular and every promotion breaks viewership records. What do you attribute this success to ?  

With the director, music and cast, our series has succeeded in reflecting the familiar codes of society in a unique concept. The foremost architect of this success is Emre Kabakuşak. I feel very lucky to be working shoulder to shoulder with a director that I have learned from, trusted and challenged the storytelling in the industry.

You play a father with 3 children. How did you prepare for the role of a father as a single person? Were there any other names that inspired you or your own father? 

The closest I’ve ever come to fatherhood is my relationship with my dog Archie. But I accepted this project as an only child to analyze the meanings I ascribe to my family and especially to my father. The expectations of children are the responsibility of fathers. The conflict at the intersection of these two is a game of fate. The moments when I work with the child actors are where I experience this intersection the most. In the boundless world of games of Yıldırım and Barlas (Ugur and Ahmet), I oscillate between keeping up with their expectations of me and taking responsibility for the scene we have to shoot.

What do people stop you for on the way and what do they say the most, what kind of reactions do you get from the street? 

Why did Cemal leave? What will happen when Cemal learns what happened to Nergis?   

Öykü Karayel, your partner; What kind of interaction is there between you? 

Oyku Karayel:  A very strong partner with whom storytelling is very real, very enjoyable and peaceful as well as safe.   

What happens behind the set? Are you a team having fun or working hard? 

We are definitely a mix of the two. On the set, we are able to add the richness and true tone of life to our scenes by laughing freely even in the most dramatic scenes with the comfort afforded by establishing an atmosphere of understanding and mutual trust.

The most talkative on the set? The funniest? The most fun?  

Definitely Esra Dermancioglu. I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to get to know such a special character by sharing the same set.   

What was the most challenging filming moment for you so far? 

The scene where Cemal confronts his daughter Nergis and then kisses his son Uğur on the head while he sleeps and wishes him good night. It was a scene that I knew very well as a child, but was not ready to face as a parent. Fortunately, thanks to my director, who is a father of a child, I was able to grasp the emotions triggered in me as a child through the eyes of a parent.  

[Translator note: See the scene Akin refers to with English translation here.] 

What criticism/praise  would make you happy about the drama and your role? 

Even if I don’t forgive Cemal, I understand him. At least his love was real.   

When you say life success, what would your top 3 rankings be? 

To show the courage and will to overcome the conditions in which you were born and in which you are. To give hope to humanity by opening new doors of inspiration. To be able to leave a clean and peaceful signature on the world you are a part of. Just like Atatürk…   

What affects Akın Akınözü the most? 

I find it very charismatic putting the expertise developed in a subject into practice

What message would you like to convey to the viewer here? 

Let’s be the architects, not the victims of our destiny games! 

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2 thoughts on “Akin Akinozu: Understanding Cemal”

  1. I admire His courage to undertake challenging roles and to try to live the experiences and situations of others. Down the road in his acting career he will be able to apply the phrase “ Don’t judge others unless you have walked in other peoples shoes at least for a day”. He will understand people from many walks of life with different experiences and situations . Good actors have the opportunity of submerging themselves in the complicated dynamic of characters and transmit the emotions to the audience. I think it fascinating.

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