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A Change of Guard: Akin’s New Talent Management

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Akin Akinozu fresh off of a successful two year stint as the intense Miran Aslanbey/Sadoglu in the epic family drama Hercai, is making changes! He surprised fans once again by quietly changing his talent contact on his Instagram page. The actor who was previously represented by ID Iletism is now represented by Gunfer Gunaydin, the daughter of the late Yesilcam* legend, Erol Gunaydin.

Gunfer Gunaydin is an independent agent representing famous Turkish talent such as Kerem Bursin, another popular Turkish actor and the star of Sen Cal Kapimi, who has spent time in the U.S.

Congratulations Akin! May your path be open.

*Yesilcam is the golden age of Turkish movies. Yesilcam means Green Pine and it is an important part of Turkish culture.

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21 thoughts on “A Change of Guard: Akin’s New Talent Management”

  1. Elsa Lidia de Ayala

    Deseo muchos Exitos, para Akin Akinozu me encanta como Actor Profesional en el papel de Miran en HERCAI,junto a la Bellisima Ebru Sahim y espero verles en otra nueva Serie, porque son mis Actores Favoritos y les desos muchas Bendiciones a ambos en sus Carreras Profesionales.

  2. Move forward Akin and leave all tfe bad seeds behind we your fans are behind you all the way .Just continue to shine like a Diamond. Ps.. I do hope you and Ebru will make peace soon .You both were our number #.1couple…

  3. Edna Santiago Acevedo

    We love you Keep on reaching your goals,dreams and your sweet humble atitud, and also hope to ser you acting again.And that Ebru Sahin be with you in those series wich i hope to see yous again.Both of you are talented actors.Hope forgets what happened in the last episode and reintegrates,has a nice comunicstion with you again like it was.We love you from 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿♥️♥️♥️♥️

  4. Aida I franceschini

    Success with the new company. You are intelligent, applies and a great actor. Forget about the last chapter of Hercai, and resolve any difference with Ebru, you are a winning couple.

  5. Hello Akin!!
    Congratulation, Good Job!!
    The Best Actor 🇹🇷👏
    Thank you 😉 From Chile 🇨🇱💗

  6. You can do it, AKIN!!! God bless you in all your endeavours!!! Your talent in real acting will open you a successful way!!! Love and support from Ukraine (Kharkiv)!!!

    1. Real progress is to renew yourself. Congratulations Akın, you have taken a big step in your career and you will climb to the top. I Love you my son ❤️🖤 receives my support from Miami, FL (MARU)

  7. PH7 Entertainment bünyesinde yer almıyor bağımsız… yalnış bilgi düzeltin lütfen

    Not part of PH7 Entertainment independant … correct incorrect information please

  8. Akin, you have a great talent, can’t wait to see you in a new show .. love your smile…..i wish you good Luck

  9. Dear Akin, I am so excited for your new beginning , yes With a great talent comes a big responsibility isn’t it, so you need to have the best for your self which is management so they can put you in a right path, I am so excited to see what’s next for you I cannot wait to see your next beautiful performance, with lots of love we will wait here patiently.
    Carena Danelian

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