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Akin and Hercai Go to Cannes!

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Akin Akinozu, star of the hit series Hercai and his costar Ebru Sahin headed to Cannes for a special event at MIPCOM 2019. Akinozu plays the role of Miran Aslanbey, a young businessman who in his quest for vengeance falls in love with the target of his revenge, Reyyan Shadoglu, played by Ebru Sahin.

MIPCOM is the largest entertainment content market. Every year hundreds of production companies bring their newest shows to display. On October 15th, the Turkish production and distribution company ATV hosted a cocktail reception and networking session to promote the series which aired earlier this year. The romantic suspense drama surprised audiences with its unique fairy tale-like quality and superb screenwriting. The series which is filmed in the mystical Mesopotamian region of Mardin, has catapulted Akinozu to stardom.

In addition to Akinozu and Sahin, other members of the cast and crew of Hercai attending MIPCOM included Ayda Aksel who plays the role of Azize Aslanbey, as well the two directors for the series, Cem Karci and Benal Tairi. Also present was the producer (and a screenwriter) Banu Akdeniz. The crew returned home after a successful trip having sold the second season of the series to Spain, Albania, and Bulgaria. The series which is written by five women, has been sold to more than 20 markets since it began airing in March, 2019.

To the delight of their fans, the Hercai cast and crew shared pictures and video clips on social media during their travels to Cannes. We have captured a few of them here for you.

The crew heads to Istanbul on October 13th, leaving from Mardin airport.

While there, the crew took in some of the nightlife and enjoyed the lovely seaside city of Cannes.

At MIPCOM, the cast participated in a question and answer session with C21 Magazine editor, Ed Waller. Akinozu, speaking in English described how his character, Miran, who was taught only hatred and vengeance from an early age by his grandmother, was transformed through the power of love.


Here’s a video collage of the crew’s time in Cannes!

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