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Kaderimin Oyunu Bids Farewell to audiences

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Akin Akinozu, sighted the other day in Etiler Istanbul confirmed in so many words, what was swirling around in rumors for several weeks… Kaderimin Oyunu will be ending. TV 100, the Turkish entertainment trade press reported that the series would end on June 17th with episode 26.

While the series struggled with ratings in Turkey, it has been embraced by global audiences. Global Agency, the distributer for the series just announced sales for the Turkish drama series in North Macedonia and Hungary. The series produced by NGM Medya was previously acquired in Israel, Lithuania and Romania and is currently on air on beIN in the Middle East.

We will be sad to see the series end but we’re hopeful for greater opportunities for its lead actor. Last month, Akin was sighted with Telemundo exec Ronald Day who said “more surprises coming” in an instagram post. So who knows…. Onward and upward!!

8 thoughts on “Kaderimin Oyunu Bids Farewell to audiences”

  1. So sad to be ended that soon , Wish Akin the success in next project , he is my favorite Turkish actor very talented ,
    Greeting from USA , Michigan

  2. Before and as high as possible!✌✌✌
    Akin deserves all the admiration, respect and appreciation for the way he plays any role he would receive and for the extraordinary emotion he gives us, every time he is on screen or when we see his so warm and tender behavior in meetings with his fans!🎩🎩🎩🎩💝💝💝💝
    It is a great joy to see him in any situation and I admit that Akin is addicted to him! ❤❤❤

  3. Akin Akinözü est un des meilleurs acteurs de sa génération et cet homme dégage tellement de choses qu’il ne joue pas mais il vit ses rôles d’où ses interprétations magistrales 😉😉😉👏👏👏👏👏👏 bravo monsieur AKIN Akinözü et continuez à nous faire rêver
    Une fan inconditionnelle

  4. Akin is an Oscar rated actor!! Can’t wait to see him in huge projects! He was the the highlight of the show. Just awful writers!! It started as a good story! Next time you get a superstar like Akin then ensure top notch writers! Pa’lante Akin te veremos muy pronto! Dios te bendiga y muchos ÉXITOS 💯Latina fan from New Jersey!

  5. Akin has immense talent and he is a very sincere and compassionate man. I hope we see him on the screen very soon.

  6. Akin so much respect and admire for you. You took acting to another level where you made Your audience tune in and can’t wait tell we see the next episode of you acting on the screen. We can’t wait tell we see you on other work

  7. Lo sentó que sé terminar el programa games of my distiny. Pero el es una gran persona con mucho talento. Best wishes in all your endeavors.

  8. @akinakinozu es un buen actor, lastima que la serie Kaderimi Oyunu no haya tenido el rating esperado, pero este es uno mas de los escalones que tendra que subir Akin para seguir creciendo. Esperamos verlo en otro proyecto de mayor envergadura y con un personaje que le permita crecer mucho mas como actor. Hasta pronto Akin Akinozu estamos contigo siempre.


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