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The Face of Turkish Drama in Russia

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American audiences aren’t the only ones captivated by Turkish drama. According to TRT World, Russian television is seeing an uptick in Turkish drama programming. Last year the number of Turkish series on IVI (ivi.ru) — a popular Russian digital platform– increased from 12 to 23 and this trend continues as western shows disappear from Russian television. It makes sense that Akın Akınözü, the Turkish actor who captivated international audiences in the Americas with his series Hercai and Kaderimin Oyunu, is now taking Russia by storm.

As the face of IVI, Akin filmed a commercial for the platform promoting several well-known Turkish drama. He stayed in Moscow for two nights to shoot the commercial, and on his return he did an impromptu interview at the airport.

In the commercial (below), Akın’s sophistication and class is duly reflective of the Turkish brand.

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