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Paytaht Abdulhamit



This historical period drama is about the life of Sultan Abdülhamid Han, who was known the “Great Khan” and sat on the throne of the Ottoman Empire for 33 years. The series also describes the culture and traditions of the Ottoman Turks during that period. The successful series continues to this day on TRT1 television in Turkey.  Akin Akinozu had a small but powerful role in the first season.  



The series boasts a diverse list of actors many of whom have had brief cameo roles.  For a complete list of all cast and crew over the years click here. Akin Akinozu played the role of Omer, a young courageous man whom the Sultan chose for a secret mission.  A common cabby, he fortuitously saves the Sultan during an assassination attempt and becomes closely tied with the Palace.  There he is allowed into the Sultan’s secret room and is recruited for a secret mission.  His romantic interest in a palace, Ahsen, causes him to get in trouble with Prince Abdülkadir who is also in love with her.


Akin’s role lasted for 17 episodes  in the first season of the series, and the evolution of his acting in that time is striking.  

Season 1 of the series is available with English subtitles on our parent site, North America TEN.

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