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Yaban Cicekleri: about the characters

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Yaban Cicekleri will make its much anticipated premier on Monday, March 25 on ATV Turkiye. The series boasts and all-star cast with Akin Akinozu and Aslihan Malbora in leading roles. Other cast members include Tilbe Saran (As the Crow Flies, Istanbulu Gelin, Cesur ve Guzel), Bige Önal (Ethos, Yesilcem, Sen Cal Kapimi), Arif Piskin (Son Yaz, Yargi), Busra Pekin and Halil Babur (Son Yaz, The Club) among others. ATV’s ambitious new series is produced by O3 Medya with creative consultancy from Zeynep Günay. In the series, a tragedy brings together two childhood sweethearts who parted ways to pursue their dreams. According to Tilbe Saran who plays the matriarch in the series, “The story opens with an impressive beginning that will make you question your whole life” . Below is a brief description of some of the main characters.


Akin Akinozu

Kılıç Tutuncu comes from a traditional and deep-rooted family in the town. He is honest, reliable, has his own truths, does not compromise on them, and is a strong character whose real wealth is his relationships. He returns to his hometown because the city life in Istanbul, where he went to study, does not match his own town values.


Aslihan Malbora

Ela Ataman is a successful lawyer. She is a bit combative but a strong woman who knows what she wants. She is a fighting woman who stands on her own feet. Even though Ela tries to hide it, she is actually still suffering from the pain of a broken heart.


Tilbe Saran

Nurten Ataman is the mother of Ela and Kenan. Nurten has urban gusto and is devoted to her husband and family. She is strong, calm, helpful and a problem solver. She goes to all sorts of trouble to protect her children.


Arif Piskin

İhsan Kuloglu is a prominent member of the town; He knows everyone’s secret, not even a bird flies without him knowing. When he starts talking, he is warm and smiling. But when his own interests are at stake, he can turn into a cold-hearted person. His biggest fear is to become weak and alone.


Halil Babur

Kenan Ataman is Ela’s older brother. He is a vulgar person with a positive outlook on life. He trusts people and thinks he knows everything. He is passionately in love with his wife Berna. He aspires to become a big businessman. His peace of mind and fondness for pleasure caused him to remain passive in the family.


Busra Pekin

Berna Ataman is Kenan’s wife. She loves power, is ambitious, scheming, and prone to evil. She is also cheerful, bright, cool and well-groomed person who makes the atmosphere cheerful. For Berna, every path to the goal is permissible.


Bige Onal

Behice Basgil continues her law career in the town. She’s afraid of losing and finds his self-worth in being loved. She is fragile, reliable, intelligent and moderate. She has a dark side that she hides.


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