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Azrael: Akin’s First Short film

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Long before Akin Akinozu began his acting career, he starred in a never before published short film. A decade later, this short film named Azrael, starring Akin as the character of Mass, and directed by Selin Uzal, was awarded “Best Foreign Film” at the City of Angels Women’s Film Festival, which took place in Los Angeles’s Whitefire Theater, Bella Blanca Event Center on November 9-12, 2023.  See the synopsis below.

Azrael Synopsis: Mass, a mere mortal, awfully scared of the idea of death encounters Azrael. The Angel of Death. As he tries to run away, he mysteriously and continuously runs into Azrael; leaving them both bewildered and confused. Mass, scared. In his hopes to escape Azrael, he finds that ‘she’ is waiting for him at his destination. Worried that he would be late to their date.

The 9 minute film which was originally shot in 2014, will also have a European screening on February 18, 2024 at the Berlin Independent Film Festival under BIFF Shorts Block 5.  

Congratulations Akin!! Here’s to many more successes.

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