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More on Aile Albumu

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The series Aile Albumu featuring Akın Akınözü and Aslıhan Malbora in leading roles, has new cast members. One recent addition to the cast is Serhat Teoman, who became known to most American audiences as Burak Catalcali in the iconic series Kuzey Guney. Teoman will be joined by two veteran actresses Tilbe Saran from Cesur ve Guzel, and Istanbullu Gelin as Nurten, mother to Malbora’s character Deniz, and Feri Baycu Güler from Camdaki Kiz , as Semiha Tüncü, mother to Akinozu’s character, Kilic. Newcomer Sena Arat will play the role of Zuhal, as sibling to Akinozu’s character. Since the publication of this article, two additional stars have joined the cast. Arif Pişkin who recently appeared in Yargi as the unscrupulous Kadir has also signed onto the project. He will play the role of İhsan Kuloğlu who provides financial and moral support to Kılıç’s family. Halil Babür from the Netflix series, The Club and the series Son Yaz will play the character of Kenan, Deniz’s older brother.

Aile Albumu tells the story of the reuniting of childhood sweethearts Kılıç Tütüncü (Akinozu) and Deniz Ataman (Malbora) after several years. The series will be filmed in scenic Ayvalık and Cunda, seaside towns on the northwestern Aegean coast of Turkey. The series will be directed by Zeynep Günay and produced by O3 Media.

The much awaited series is expected to begin filming soon and and will air on ATV.

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