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Akin Interview with Bila Tasneef

On February 3, 2024 Akin Akinozu did a long form interview with Grace Rady of the television show Bila Tasneef. The interview is billed as “Akin Akinozu: A historic kiss and the secret of marriage without paper”. In this interview Grace Rady entered the world of Akin Akinozo whom she dubs as the Turkish ‘Christian Grey’. Perhaps one of the most wide ranging interviews with a celebrity.

Grace Rady is the host of Bila Tasnif (Unlabeled) television show broadcasting on Rotana Music and LBC Sat every Friday at 9pm Saudi Arabia Time.

Copyright by North America TEN and Akin Akinozu North America

No Infringement intended. Video belongs to Grace Rady and Bila Tasneef.

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