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Tuzak Announces Finale

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Almost as soon as it began, Tuzak, the series starring Akin Akinozu and Bensu Soral, is ending. According to Turkish entertainment reporter Birsen Altuntas, the series has not met ratings expectations causing a change in broadcast time as well as the decision to end the series at the 13th episode. The broadcast time of the series which is produced by ACUNMEDYA and Fabrika Yapım, has changed to 10:30 pm on Wednesday November 30, instead of the 8 pm time slot on TV8.

The series which features a stellar cast starring Akin Akinozu (Hercai), Bensu Soral (Icerde), Talat Bulut (Yasak Elma) and Riza Kocaoglu (Cukur), never really had a chance to take off. Fans have opined that the less than mediocre promotion of the series, and time slot contributed to the low ratings.

Tuzak tells the story of three siblings whose lives were changed by the death of their brother and the disablement of their father. The siblings, led by the middle son Umut who is a lawyer, weave an intricate plan of vengeance for the instigator of their misfortune. In doing so, they come face to face with the three children of the man who ruined their lives, and realize that sometimes the best laid plans can be sidelined.

While Tuzak has not met with Turkish audience expectations, it has garnered international attention with a large following in the Americas and Europe. The good news is that the series which just aired its 6th episode, has ample time to wrap up neatly with questions answered and a complete story.

According to Altuntas, fans should take heart, because job offers have already started to come to the actors of the series.

Fans of Akinozu are hopeful to see him in another series soon!

Source: Birsen Altuntas

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  1. Es lo mínimo que pueden hacer, hace mucho tiempo que no veía una serie tan magnífica me escrita…esta para Netflix 👏👏👏👏👏

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