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Akin’s L’Officiel Hommes Turkiye Interview

We can say that Akin Akinozu is the biggest male star of the last generation because of his personality, acting, background, stance, and passion for life. So, we are taking you to an after party with this richly cultivated guy.

  • Reporting: BAGLAN KESKIN
  • Photography: ERDI DOGAN
  • Fashion Editor: YAGMUR KURAL
  • Hair Stylist: AKIN UNAL

L’Officiel Hommes Turkiye Winter Edition

What does acting mean to you? How did this journey begin?

Acting is actually like an emotion collector to me. Thanks to the actions of different characters that serve for different wants and purposes, under different dramatic circumstances, I can hang pictures filled with different experiences of emotions on the walls of my home. My journey of acting began with a desire of discovering the mathematics of the emotions and it continues with being excited about this collection which will be enriched with every new discovery.

What do you learn while you are portraying a character?

I feel like, with every new character, I’m turning into a person who is more empathetic, more sensitive, more understanding and who makes more organic connections with everything around him.

How do you prepare when you have to show an emotion that is unfamiliar for you?

The current lifestyles we have generally imprison us in vicious cycles and we repeat having some emotions in this cycle whereas we’re left unacquainted to others. I can say that this “getting-to-know-emotions” and “understanding them” are my favorite types of problems to solve. The artcraft appears at this point. I try to reach out to the emotions that are unfamiliar to me by sometimes figuring out details from my real life experiences, sometimes using my imagination and sometimes synthesizing both of these methods.

You studied Mathematics at Berkeley and you are doing something totally different right now.

Thanks to my background in mathematics I can analyze the conflict in the story and within the characters. It makes me more confident and freer in the field to describe the problem and narrate it more clearly.

Is your emotional intelligence or your social intelligence higher?

My mother’s sister-in-law was a psychiatrist and she had tested me on multiple intelligence. As far as I found out years later, my EQ was way higher than my IQ level. When I look back, I see that I tried to make my IQ level meet my EQ level with the way I followed in my educational years. The day my IQ reached a level where I can understand my emotions, I chose to continue my career path as an actor.

P.S.: According to my research, emotional intelligence and social intelligence are evaluated under the same roof. Consequently, I answered the question according to the discrimination between EQ and IQ.

Do you like to control things? For instance, you make a reservation at a restaurant but your plan is canceled at last minute. Does this bring you down?

There’s a saying of Mike Tyson that I love very much: “Everybody has a plan until they are punched for the first time”. I was a more controlling type before I started acting and the things that didn’t go as planned had more destructive effects on me. However, recently in my life, I approach it with being a controller in the preparation process but letting it go during the application process. Now I begin playing all the matches in my life by thinking how I will stand on my feet and keep fighting when I am punched rather than having an idealistic plan where I am not punched.

How is Kaderimin Oyunu going?

Let’s not Jinx it…

The story has a very tough drama but at the same time, its approach to this arabesque world is just on point. How do you think you attract viewers?

I believe we attract viewers with our script, our production team, our cast and music and for being able to transfer the codes that are inherited by the society via a concept that is special to the melodramatic tone. Besides, one of the most precious parts of our project is that we are not making the audience watch a match where the ending score is obvious.

Cemal, the character you play, leaves his family. We can say that it is because of the public pressure on men. Do you think that a public pressure on men can be argued while women and  minority groups suffer that much?

I don’t think that it is possible to entirely comprehend the hardship that women and minority groups go through without talking about the public pressure on men and understanding that pressure. As long as a group in which people feel like that they are not understood exists, the discrimination will be inevitable. This will, unfortunately, bring about more severe hardship on the way to the unity of humanity.

Do you think that Cemal is a trustworthy person?

Cemal is not the safe bay in this story. Cemal is the open sea in this story.

You have a relationship that is going on for a long time. What do you think is the secret of a long-term relationship?

I don’t know if there is such a secret. But maybe the journey you go on with a person who wants to discover this secret with you is the secret itself, this I believe.

What are your personal goals for this year?

Last year, my goal was to reap the fruits of my efforts and work. Thankfully, now I have a garden full of fruits that is beyond my imagination. So, my goal for this year is to make jams from these fruits.

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2 thoughts on “Akin’s L’Officiel Hommes Turkiye Interview”

  1. Akin already started to make the jams from his fruits with different flavors .
    best actor , exceptional charisma , respectable character .

  2. Akin in my opinion is an actor who has been evolving since is very first acting role and continues to evole to greater heights . I am confident he will go on to achieve greater things in his personal life acting and charity work .

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