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Akin & Bensu: Bestyle Interview

This is a translation of the interview conducted by Tugce Orcunus in the December issue of BeStyle Magazine.

Photography by: Jiyan Kizilboga

Our guests on this month’s cover are both successful actors. They have both been on the rise in their careers, especially lately. Our conversation with Bensu Soral and Akin Akinozu starts with their latest Project, “Tuzak” and expands to their journey in acting. We talked about everything, with details such as the beginning of their journey, whether acting has always been on their minds, what they went through to be here today, the atmosphere on the set, and how much the audience loves this couple.

You have a twin and a sister, Bensu. From what we hear, your sister Hande’s guidance set you on your journey into acting. Was that really what happened or has acting always been one of your goals?

Bensu: Art was my area of ​​interest since I was a child, but acting was never on my mind, frankly. Since my sister was in this sector, my environment was always made up of people in this sector. With their encouragement, I decided to try acting one day and completed my first education at the Istanbul Public Theatre. Afterwards, I continued to work with many different acting coaches and finally decided to try myself on a project. I lost my heart to this profession in my first TV series project.

Now, you are a part of this project which has people glued to their TV screens. Your partner is Akin Akinozu. We’d like to hear from both of you about how your paths crossed through Tuzak.

Bensu: We read many different stories to start a new project. But Tuzak’s story was different from all of them. I remember reading it in one breath. Ceren’s character’s battle with life, her stance, intelligence and path also excited me and I decided to be in this story.

Akin: When I was studying in America, we used to gather with my Turkish friends there and watch the TV series “Ezel” every week. When I first read about the project, I realized that I came across a scenario that could make me feel the excitement I had as an audience in those years, and I didn’t want to miss this opportunity. My excitement about it increased when it was certain that Bensu and my other colleagues were in the series.

The cast is spectacular. Moreover, it’s a collaboration of Fabrika Productions and Acun Media. What’s the set like?

Bensu: We have a busy set schedule. Honestly, I don’t know how time passed or when we arrived in December. The harmony of our team, our belief in our work and our excitement make the situation easier and make the set enjoyable.

Akin: I can say that I have the luxury of working with a team that believes in its work, values ​​its work and puts forth its best.

Can you give us some clues about what viewers should expect in the future? Bensu’s motherhood, Akin’s ambition and accomplishments are getting a 10 out of 10 from the viewers.

Bensu: It’s an honor to be rewarded for the work we put in. Our story will continue to surprise our audience … What I love most about this job is that it has this dynamic.

Akin: Due to the surprising nature of our script, it is impossible for me to give any clues.

We want to take you back a little bit, Akın. We knew you in the first Magnificent Century Kösem, but you made your main debut with the TV series Hercai. You became everyone’s favorite with your Miran character. When you look at it now, was it a project that you said was good for you? Are you one of those who think that some pinpoint shots set people’s roadmaps?

Akin: My pinpoint shot was my first step into acting, and once again I say I’m glad for this step I took. However, every project that my journey has brought to me is a good thing for me. The projects you take part in are sometimes to prepare you for bigger tests, sometimes to host a meeting that you will appreciate in the future, sometimes to push your limits and make you mature, sometimes so that your studies can bear fruit, sometimes for you to taste those fruits. One is not superior to the other because they are all steps of that path, which you’re glad about, and it is necessary to enjoy each step equally and give it its due.

Kaderimin Oyunu which aired previously, and now Tuzak. What principles do you follow while you’re in the process of choosing a role from those that are offered to you?

Akin: I look at how well the incoming role corresponds to my primary needs at that time in my life. If I can also meet the needs of the project, it means we are ready to go.

Since 2019, you have been winning various awards. Are there any specific principles you follow to add a new accomplishment to the ones before?

Akin: Always wondering and staying a student.

You both are strong on social media. Bensu has 4.8 million followers and Akin has 3.5 million. Are you active on Instagram? For instance, if I’m cuious about your daily lives, can I easily follow you on Instagram or do you prefer to keep it low-key?

Bensu: I am currently in a period where I isolate myself from everything. We spend our days and nights on the set, and frankly, I don’t want to be distracted by other things. I’m totally focused on this job, so I can’t be said to be very active on social media. I’m just sharing things related to my work. Apart from that, the social media frenzy started to bother me a lot. That’s why I don’t follow anyone’s private life, and I don’t feel like sharing my private life with others in this period.

Akin: I am more like the manager of the social media accounts of the characters I play. It is possible to follow not my daily life, but my works and collaborations easily. Personally, I prefer social life, not social media.

When it isn’t a set day, what are your priorities? It seems to be “doing sports” for both of you, is it?

Bensu: When I’m not on the set, my priorities are my family and my personal needs. Sports are a part of my life but unfortunately, I can’t find time for it in this busy schedule.

Akin: Yes, that’s right, but let’s also add “sleeping”, please.

How did you spend the last summer? Were you able to go on vacation and rest before the new season?

Bensu: Last summer, I took the time to rest. Instead of getting carried away by the tempo of work and missing out on life, I rather keep the balance between them. That way, both the job that I do, and the free time that I have become more valuable.

Akin: Let’s just say I preparing for next summer’s vacation.

Do you think that life is about balance? Do you think that your life is balanced, especially this period of your life?

Bensu: Of course, I believe that life is about balance. That applies to every aspect of life. Nutrition, sleeping, sports, relationships … I care about keeping them all in balance. Naturally, the balance shifts sometimes, but even then, it is important to be aware of it.

Akin: I can say that balance is my compass to live my life by. No period of my life has been balanced, including this one; because every action I took to find balance created its own imbalance and carried me to other actions and then to the imbalance that they created. But I hope, thanks to the compass I follow, the life I will leave behind will be a peaceful and fully lived life where unstable periods balance themselves in total…

Lastly, BeStyle magazine celebrated its 9th anniversary in November. As a magazine that is trying to keep up with a world which is becoming more digital every day, can we kindly ask for a celebration message?

Bensu: I remember BeStyle’s 1st year… Back then, when I was just entering this industry, my first magazine shoot was with BeStyle. So, you have a special place in my heart! I wish for many returns which we’ll celebrate together!

Akin: I hope this journey you embarked on 9 years ago will host us in the digitalized world and you will have many years to celebrate…

No infringement intended by the translation. All photos and material belong to BeStyle Magazine.

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