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Intimate with Akin Akinözü: Life, fame and even women he admires

by Monica Mendoza   November 24, 2021 

Original article in Spanish

In this last part of the interview conducted a month ago, we bring you the fragments of what was left out of the two previous installments. Side B as they say, of a very interesting conversation with one of the most beloved Turkish actors of the moment, Akin Akinözü.

Akinözü considers himself a big fan of women’s work in film and music. And he admits that he would love to be able to have dinner with  Meryl Streep  or to have met  Marilyn Monroe .

Human beings are constantly questioning the meaning of happiness, how to find and perceive it. Its complexity has prevented people from understanding that one can enjoy a full life through simple and small things. If it is a matter of finding happiness, one should look at day to day, since it is allied to certain basic rules that – unconsciously – are applied. In this case, it is not the difference. That is why, behind the renowned actor, there is a very particular ideology of life. “Know yourself, which is the golden rule of philosophy. Patience. Play to understand and listen. Also, as long as we take care of our spark, we can succeed, and achieve what we want, ” says Akin, sharing his formula for happiness.

Well they say that everything can change in a second. For Akinözü it was two hours and 16 minutes, in California. He was watching the movie The Matrix , starring  Keanu Reeves, for the second time. For him, his life, at that moment, had a quite particular course. It was a kind of premonition about his purpose. “The Matrix  inspired me to that and it opened up a world of new possibilities, because behind all those action scenes there existed a great philosophy about movies to achieve that. So I said to myself: ‘Okay, I want to be part of that, let’s get to it,’ “ recalls the actor.

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