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Celebrating 31

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Akin’s request for donations

Turkish acting sensation Akin Akinozu celebrated his 31st birthday on September 22. In lieu of presents the young actor asked his fans to donate to charities in an Instagram post.

The young actor was inundated by birthday wishes and words of support by fans from around the globe. But his fans didn’t stop with words, they donated thousands of dollars, euros and Turkish liras on his behalf towards charities around the world as a birthday present.

Touched by the outpouring of support and warm wishes, Akin posted his heartfelt thanks on his Instagram page. Along with the words of thanks, he posted a video of himself blowing out a birthday candle, and an audio recording of his grandfather, Sureyya Arin, one of the first TV presenters on Turkish Radio Television (TRT), after whom he was named. Akin never knew his grandfather because the famous presenter died on September 20, 1988, two years and two days before his grandson would be born.

Here is a translation of Akin’s thank you message:

Here’s the translation of the audio recording:

1 thought on “Celebrating 31”

  1. Akin 🤗 iyi ki doğdum 🎂
    sen tevazu ile harika bir adamsın
    Size dünyanın tüm mutluluğu, sağlık, sevgi ve birçok güzel oyunculuk görevi diliyorum 🙏☀️🍀
    Ben Slovakyalıyım 🇸🇰, Türkçe 🧿 bilmiyorum, bu yüzden doğru çevrildiğine inanıyorum ☺️
    mutlu ol 🍀
    Slovakya’dan bir kez daha sıcak bir selamlama 🇸🇰🧿
    Onu okumayabilirsin bile, ama yine de harika bir insansın, iyi bir aktörsün ve Slovakya’daki diğer güzel oyunculuk görevlerini dört gözle bekliyoruz 🙏☀️🍀🤗

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