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New Project for Akin

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Akin Akinozu

According to Turkish media Akin Akinozu is returning to the screen. The actor just recently signed onto a project with O3 Media, producer of hits such as Kulup, The Protector and Love Tactics, (all three streaming currently on Netflix) among others. The series will be called Aile Albumu (Family Album) and will be directed by Zeynep Gunay, writer and director for popular series such as Kulup and Instanbulu Gelin. Akinozu and Gunay go a long way back. In a 2016 interview, Akinozu explained how he got into acting.

After returning to Turkey, I started studying at Craft Acting Atelier and thanks to that education, I began receiving meeting requests. After those meetings, I met Zeynep Gunay Tan in the audition for The Magnificient Century: Kosem and I was accepted for that project. So the first name who opened doors for me was Zeynep Gunay Tan. We couldn’t find the opportunity to work together later because she left after the first episode and I stayed in Kosem for 10 more episodes. I met the set atmosphere for the first time, namely, the acting I knew theoretically found itself an application area. After playing in 12 episodes, my story with the series ended too.

Here Comes Young Akin, BeStyle Magazine, November 2016

It is not yet clear which channel will pick up the series or when it will air, but we will keep you updated as we receive new information.

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10 thoughts on “New Project for Akin”

    1. I really love Akin ❤️ he is an amazing actor! Can’t wait to see him again. Hopefully here in Los Angeles California 🙏

  1. I really love Akin ❤️ he is an amazing actor! Can’t wait to see him again. Hopefully here in Los Angeles California 🙏

  2. Akin is an amazing actor and he have a beautiful smile & a great personality hope to see his future grow many more on TV novels show in every country. Love to see him again .
    Best of luck.

  3. What l like Is that Akin appreciates those who help him up the latter of success and shows that he has a humble heart, also shows it by sharing and building his progress and success in his career with his colleagues❣️👍💫🥇🌟👑🌟💙✨🤍💖✨🏆👏

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